| The New Business Center

In Sweden, Nyföretagarcentrum, The New Business Center is located in about 100 locations. Each New Business Center is independent and financed up to 50% by the local businesses.

“At Nyföretagarcentrum Skellefteå, we meet about 400 people with ideas every year, about half of them start businesses. The survival rate, if you’ve been in counseling before starting, are nearly 85% after having been active for three years.”

Nyföretagarcentrum provides free advicing to those who are thinking to start their own business or already started (up to 3 years ago). We have experienced advisors that will help you with your business idea, budget, marketing, sales, and other issues related to starting and running a business. Our advisors are already running businesses. As a new entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to apply for a mentorship during 1 year free of charge financed by Nyföretagarcentrum and Tillväxtverket. Statistics show that the survival rate for those who have had mentors is even higher, near 95% after 3 years. Contact your advisor for more information. After conseling with us, we guarentee that you will be well prepared for the life as a self-employed. The only thing we require from you, is your commitment and that you believe in your idea.